The origin of our name

(just for interest)

Taman Toya means: Taman - garden,Toya - water "Water Garden" in Bahasa Indonesia.

Umah Watu are the old Balinese words for house of rock or stone. The Balinese did not have a 'B' in their vocabulary so Batu (the Bahasa word for stone or rock) was originally Watu. Rumah (the word for room or house) was Umah in old Balinese.

To retain this connection, the owner, Peter Finlason , not only designed the original "Umah Watu" villas to be built of stone, but named the Villas after his historic family home, vineyard, and grazing property - "Rock House", Kyneton,(1848) situated on the Campaspe River in the Central Highlands District in the State of Victoria, Australia (85 kilometers north of Melbourne). Peter is now retired here in Bali, where he spends most of his time during the year.

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